Pop Up Shop

Application submission deadline is August 18.

Pop-Up Shop Criteria

Application submission deadline is August 18, 2019.

Selected businesses will receive a heavily discounted or rent-free storefront in Downtown Sheboygan to try out a business from October to December of 2019.

Selected applicants must be ready to open their business between October 1 and October 15, and remain open until December 31, 2019.

Locations will not be finalized until businesses are selected.

Commercial Kitchen space will not be available in any of the Pop-Up Shop locations.

Ideal applicants are individuals with a current business run out of their home, businesses looking to open a second location, or business concepts with minimal start-up inventory.

A one-time application fee of $40 is required with your application submission.


Pop-Up Shop Rules

Retailers must maintain regular store hours.

Retailers must sign a waiver of liability regarding program participation, including responsibility for any personal or property damage resulting from tenancy.

Retailers must pay all necessary sales tax on proceeds, obtain any necessary state permits and carry insurance for liability.

Retailers must proactively market via social media, relationship marketing, etc. and identify the shop as part of Downtown Sheboygan.

Retailers are responsible for maintaining the building’s interior and exterior.

Those selected agree to 1 consultation with a small business expert.


Selection Process

The selection committee reserves the right to request clarification or additional information from candidates as well as to request further presentations.

Evaluation criteria for selection shall be based on product mix, store concept, marketing approach, operations strategy, availability to install, events, experience, references, willingness to work with interested parties and other retailers, store design, as well as other variables which the selection committee deems as appropriate.

Business Improvement District

(920) 452-6921
828 Center Avenue #102
Sheboygan, WI 53081

Where to park

Downtown Sheboygan offers several on and off-street public parking options including metered public parking, and free parking in outlying areas of the downtown including South Pier, Riverfront, and Lakefront.