Pop Up Shop

Application submission deadline is June 28, 2019.

What is a Pop Up Shop?

Introduced in the early 1990’s in large urban cities such as New York City, Los Angelas, London, and Tokyo, pop up shops are temporary retail spaces that sell all kinds of products. Just about every consumer product you can think of has been sold via pop up shop at some point. Anything from clothing, tech gadgets, jewelry, and food. Pop up shops are great because they create short term stores that fill negative voids of empty space in the downtown retail markets.


Tenants for Empty Spaces

An empty storefront doesn’t bring in any rent for property owners. It also has a negative impact on cities. A 2014 study by the  National Association of Counties (NACo) shows that six years after the official end of the Great Recession, most local economies still struggle to regain lost ground. Neighborhoods are recovering, but slowly, and that means a lot of Main Streets across America are dotted with empty storefronts.


A Stronger Local Economy

Although most pop-up stores disappear after a few weeks or months, some stay and become permanent. More businesses, attract more customers, in a positive cycle that keeps the local economy strong. This is great news for everyone who lives in the area, residents and visitors have more places to shop, workers have more jobs available, property values increase, and the city becomes a livelier place to live.


What Will This Accomplish?

  • Enhance the look and feel of downtown
  • Enhance the retail core of downtown with more merchants and products
  • Reduce negative visual impact of vacant store fronts
  • Generate more traffic and shopping downtown
  • Offer a low-cost option for local businesses to try new ideas and reach new customers 

Business Improvement District

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Where to park

Downtown Sheboygan offers several on and off-street public parking options including metered public parking, and free parking in outlying areas of the downtown including South Pier, Riverfront, and Lakefront.